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Our gynecologists and obstetricians are passionate about reliable women’s

 healthcare. Our staff provides affordable services to women of all ages. Whether it’s your first time at an OB-GYN clinic or you’re a frequent patient, we’ll answer any questions you may have so that you feel comfortable and informed.

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Our doctors provide Waukesha with the following health care services:

Waukesha’s Female-Only Gynecology Staff

As an all-female team, we deliver personalized care and compassionate service. Women feel comfortable discussing anything from infertility to prenatal diagnostic testing at our Waukesha clinic. We provide resources & services tailored directly for the patient based on age, health history and their personal concerns. The questions of a pregnant women in her twenties will be different than a woman entering menopause. We’re Waukesha’s premiere health resource for women entering a new stage in their life.

Schedule an OBGYN Appointment in Waukesha

Our experienced medical staff provides Waukesha with professional, comprehensive gynecological evaluations and incontinence treatments. We care about all aspects of your health and are here to discuss anything from physical health to emotional wellbeing.

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Waukesha Gynecology

Female reproductive systems are prone to illness and discomfort. Women should have regular gynecological exams to prevent irregularities and diseases. Pap smears are recommended every three years starting at the age of 21 to screen for signs of cervical cancer or infections. Whether you’re experiencing severe cramping, dealing with an ovarian cyst, or just want a check-up, schedule a gynecological exam at Women’s Healthcare.

Waukesha Incontinence Care

Urinary incontinence isn’t untreatable. Women of all ages struggle with incontinence, especially women over the age of 60. Our Waukesha medical professionals can prescribe an incontinence treatment to improve and even cure the problem.

Waukesha Obstetrics

If you’re pregnant, keeping you and your baby safe is WHC’s top priority. We offer personalized prenatal care, ranging from monthly to weekly office visits. Our 3D ultrasounds and prenatal diagnostic testing ensures you can rest easy knowing your pregnancy is going smoothly.

Waukesha Ultrasounds

With rapid advancements in ultrasound technology, our specialists treat gynecologic conditions rapidly and with minimal invasiveness. Women’s Health Care has stayed up to date with obstetric advancements, offering you Waukesha’s most informed updates on the growth and health of your baby.

Waukesha Infertility Treatments

Have you and your partner been trying to get pregnant for over a year, but with no luck? You’re not alone. Roughly 6 million couples of childbearing age are affected by infertility in the U.S. Our infertility treatments include:

There’s a lot that can contribute to infertility: ovulation disorders, hormonal imbalance, endometriosis, and more. Our doctors will recommend the right treatment for your specific situation.