D & C

Dilation and curettage is a procedure used to diagnose or treat many problems that cause abnormal uterine bleeding when an office procedure is not appropriate. This can also be done to sample the lining of the uterus or in the case of a miscarriage, remove the contents of the uterus. This is often done in combination with a hysteroscopy. This is a brief outpatient procedure done in the hospital setting under general anesthesia.

Like a pelvic exam, a speculum is used to hold apart the vaginal walls so the cervix can be visualized. The cervix is gently opened or dilated. The lining of the uterus is then removed with a curette or suction. The tissue is then sent to the lab for further evaluation. After the procedure you may experience mild cramping or light bleeding. A new lining will build up in the uterus so you next menstrual period will likely occur at the regular time.

D & C procedure performed by Waukesha gynecologists at Women's Health Care

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