In Office Procedures


Colposcopy is done when a Pap test shows abnormal changes in the cells of the cervix. Colposcopy is a way of looking at the cervix through a magnifying device. This allows your doctor to see problems that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Colposcopy is done like a Pap test in the office. Like a pelvic exam, a speculum is used to hold apart the vaginal walls so the cervix can be visualized. The colposcope, or magnifying device, is placed just outside the opening of the vagina. A mild vinegar solution will be applied to the cervix which allows abnormal areas of the cervix easier to see. If abnormal areas are visualized, your doctor may perform a biopsy. If a biopsy is performed, you may feel sore or experience vaginal bleeding for 1-2 days. The biopsies will be sent to the lab and our nursing staff will call you with the results.

Waukesha gyencologists perform Colposcopy procedure done in our Waukesha, New Berlin and Mukwonago offices


A LEEP procedure (loop electrosurgical excision procedure) is an effective way of removing abnormal cells from the cervix.

This procedure is done in the office. Like a pelvic exam, a speculum is used to hold apart the vaginal walls so the cervix can be visualized. Local anesthesia is used to prevent pain. LEEP uses a thin wire loop that acts like a surgical knife to cut away a thin layer of the cervix. After the procedure, a special paste and/or cautery is used to control bleeding. You may experience mild cramping during the procedure.

The tissue that is removed will be sent to the lab for evaluation. Our nursing staff will call you with the results.

Loop electosurgical excision procedure


Novasure endometrial ablation is a procedure that removes the lining of the uterus to effectively reduce heavy or irregular menstrual bleeding. It is a less invasive alternate to hysterectomy and does not involve hormones.

During the procedure, your doctor will slightly open your cervix and insert a mesh device into the uterus. The mesh gently expands to the size and shape of your uterus. Radio frequency energy is delivered through the mesh for 90 seconds to destroy the lining of the uterus. The mesh device is then removed from the uterus. You may experience some cramping during the treatment portion of the procedure.  You may have light spotting or discharge for days to a week after the procedure. 97% of patients will have lighter periods or no periods after the procedure.

Novasure endometrial ablation is not a form of birth control so you still need to address contraceptive options with your health care provider. Schedule an appointment today to see if Novasure is an option for you to help control heavy or irregular bleeding.

Waukesha gynecologist perform Novasure procedure

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