Alternatives to Conceiving

While up to 90 percent of patients will attain pregnancy with or without our help, there are certain patients who will never conceive. While it is our hope and commitment that you will have a genetic baby of your own, this is certainly not the universal outcome. If you are interested in these options below, we will be happy to give you a referral to a clinic or agency that can assist you and your family with your personal needs.

Embryo adoption

There are many embryos in cryopreservation who will never be transferred to their genetic parents. There are a variety of reasons: the couple may feel their family is complete or there may be divorce, illness, or even death of one or both of the parents. This is a win-win situation for all parties involved, especially the embryos.

Donor eggs (oocytes)

There is a select group of women with proven fertility who are willing to subject themselves to vigorous ovulation stimulation to procure their eggs for insemination and implantation to recipient couples. Eggs can come from a known donor or from a commercial agency where they are tested for genetic diseases as well as sexually transmitted diseases.


Third party surrogacy is available in Wisconsin through various agencies. Surrogacy between family members or close friends does also occur. In traditional surrogacy, a woman gives birth to a child using her egg and your partner’s sperm. In gestational surrogacy, a woman gives birth to a baby conceived with your egg and your partner’s sperm.

Third party adoption

There is no doubt that a portion of our patients who confront the prospect of advanced reproductive techniques will opt out before that happens. We are always happy to counsel and direct you to the most likely resources for adoption and get out forms to you in a timely fashion. As an active provider of normal and high risk obstetrical services, we occasionally find ourselves in a position to direct you to a pregnant patient who desires an open adoption. This is and always will be a wonderful way to have a family.


While the urge to have a child can be overwhelming, many more couples are finding satisfaction in their lives, careers, and relationships without children. There is talk about children invariably whenever couples get together and this can hurt bitterly. However, be assured there is little stigma these days going through life child-free.

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