Recurrent Miscarriage

This is a very sensitive topic for infertility patients. It is widely accepted that if you have had two or more miscarriages and no live born infants that you may have habitual pregnancy loss. Those who surely qualify for further evaluation are those who have had three of more first trimester losses, two or more second trimester losses, or at least one intra-uterine fetal death after 24 weeks. There are several evaluations that may be appropriate.


 If there is an abnormality within the uterus such as congenital defects (septum) or polyps and/or fibroids (benign but obstructive growths in the uterus), this test can delineate them. Minor surgeries such as hysteroscopic excisions can remove these obstacles to normal pregnancy.


Progesterone levels can be checked early on to tell us if you need additional progesterone supplementation.

Other more advanced blood studies can also be performed at the discretion of your provider.

In the case of recurrent miscarriage, we work closely with the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialists at the Perinatal Assessment Center at Waukesha Memorial Hospital to provide you with the most comprehensive care. As a team, we will work cohesively to help you determine the risks, benefits, emotions, and cost of these evaluations.

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