Weekend Infertility Line


This is the Women’s Health Care’s weekend infertility line.

We are committed to providing our patients with the highest quality of care and finding the treatment best suited for their specific situation and needs. We understand the importance of offering insemination services when you need them. Because ovulation can occur on any day of the week, our infertility specialists are available at our Waukesha office to perform inseminations on weekends if needed.

Our weekend infertility line is checked on Saturday evening and the evening before a holiday. Messages left at any other time will be returned by a nurse on the next business day.

If you have not been called back by 8 pm on the day you called and left a message please call back at 262 549-2229 and have the physician paged.

Otherwise leave a message with your name, the spelling of your name, the date, and your telephone number including area code and we will get back to you.

Of note, we generally perform your IUI the morning after your + OPK. The latest we perform these on weekends is noon. We do not perform midcycle ultrasounds on the weekends.

Waukesha Infertility Treatment

For regular scheduled appointments or more information on our women’s health care services, contact our office today or call 262-549-5200.