Obstetric Services in Southeast Wisconsin

Well Treated, Well Being, Well Born

You and your baby's safety is our primary concern.  We value your time, which is why we offer 24 hour fertility care, on-site ultrasound, in office surgery and rapid recovery techniques. Our office is steps away from Labor and Delivery and the Level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at ProHealth Care. We individualize treatment plans based on your expectations.

Congratulations! You're Pregnant!

Waukesha ObstetriciansWelcome to the amazing experience of pregnancy and childbirth. What a pivotal milestone in your family’s life! Our obstetricians understand the full impact of pregnancy on you and your family and will provide you with outstanding medical care. We wish to help you know what to expect during your prenatal care and office visits in the coming months.

During your prenatal course, routine office visits will be made monthly until you reach 28 weeks of gestation. You will then be seen every 2 weeks until 36 weeks. After that, you will have weekly visits until you deliver to ensure the health of you and your baby. If unexpected problems occur during your pregnancy, you may be asked to come in for additional office visits.

We welcome your significant other and family to participate in the prenatal care, the delivery experience and to join you in your office visits.

Personalized Obstetric Services for Your Pregnancy

Every pregnancy is different, so why get treated like your pregnancy is the same as everyone else’s? The obstetricians at Women’s Health Care believes in personalized care for every patient to ensure you get the very best treatment during your pregnancy.

Our all-female staff will address each issue based on your medical and personal history. We’ve helped women with routine as well as high-risk pregnancies. We manage pregnancies complicated by breech position, multiple gestation (twins/triplets), medication use in pregnancy and pregnancies achieved through infertility treatments.

Convenient Obstetric Locations in Southeast Wisconsin

We would like to be available 100% of the time. However, we would not be functional human beings if we did not take some time for sleep, our families and our personal interests. To keep balance in their lives, our doctors share calls with the physicians of ProHealth Care Medical Associates in Waukesha. The level and standards of care in both practices mesh well with respect to obstetrical care, anesthesia, and surgical care. We trust you will accept Medical Associates and ProHealth Care’s expert care if your clinical problem or delivery event occurs when we are not available.

One of the most important decisions you will make as you prepare to give birth will be selecting a physician (pediatrician or family practitioner) to care for your newborn baby. Please feel free to ask us for suggestions on this matter.

Obstetric Care WaukeshaYou will receive educational materials that explain fetal development, procedures and tests as well as information that will aid you in understanding the course of your pregnancy. We will also be performing certain critical procedures such as 3D ultrasounds and lab tests including prenatal diagnostic testing ensure that everything is proceeding well throughout your pregnancy.

We are pleased you chose us to participate in the care of your pregnancy and delivery. It is important to us that every step be taken to build a trusting relationship and deliver a healthy newborn baby. Please do not hesitate to ask our obstetricians if you have any questions regarding your pregnancy.

We offer advice and services throughout pregnancy, including:

Our expertise allows us to provide the information you need for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.

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Contact Waukesha Obstetricians Dr. Laura Epperson, Dr. Dana Akiya, Dr. Elizabeth Thompson, Dr. Mary McComis and Dr. Krystal Mazola who provide women with exceptional services during pregnancy and childbirth throughout southeastern Wisconsin